Enhance Your California Landscaping With Vinyl Fencing

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The possibilities for California landscaping are incredibly diverse. With pleasant weather year-round and the beautiful western flora to work with, turning your home and yard into a living work of art is not just feasible – it’s a project practically begging you to take it on.

And not only will vinyl fencing and other accents beautifully impact your California landscaping, but they will also bring increased value to your property.

Here are some great ways California vinyl fencing and other assorted products can beautify your home:

Privacy and Semi-Privacy Fences

One way to spruce up your yard is by installing a privacy or semi-privacy fence. The sleek, classic look serves to complement any home and can create a useful border between homes.

As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. Installing one of these fences is a great way to keep your property secure and private.

And for animal lovers, privacy fences are also ideal for enclosing your yard, or a section of it, to contain and protect your furry friends. You can also surround any garden area to make sure Rover doesn’t dig up any of your hard work.

Picket Fences

Another great California landscaping idea is to incorporate a picket fence into your yard’s landscaping design.

Whether you use them to surround all or part of your home, or accent a specific area like a garden or walking path, vinyl picket fences offer a wealth of benefits to your property, such as:

  • Providing a stylish, clean look
  • Making your home appear classic and timeless
  • Segmenting sections of your property
  • Increasing the resale value of your home

Additionally, vinyl picket fences, like all vinyl fencing products and accessories, don’t suffer the cracking, splitting, fading and wear of their wood counterparts. Selecting a vinyl fence means acquiring a beautiful, lifelong product.

Pool Fences

If you like fun in the sun and are among the more than one million California residents who own a swimming pool, you should consider adding a pool fence to your property.

Like privacy, semi-privacy and picket fences, pool fences make your yard look more stylish while giving your property the seclusion you desire.

But pool fences also offer additional security, keeping pets and other animals from entering against your wishes and possibly contaminating the pool. These fences are also a great investment for those with children or grandchildren, since they can prevent potential accidents.

Gazebos, Arbors and Other Accents

Along with all of the vinyl fencing projects you can embark on for your California landscaping, there are numerous accents you should consider incorporating into your property as well.

At Weatherables, we offer various vinyl products that provide the same elegant look and durability as our fences, such as:

Using any of these outdoor accents is a surefire way to improve the look of your property and make it feel more finished.

Other California Landscaping Ideas

Due to the state’s size, your potential landscaping ideas might alter drastically, depending on which part of California you call home.

Northern California

With alpine climates at higher elevations and Mediterranean weather near the coast, you need to take into account cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall when selecting plants for landscaping in this region.

Some tress and flowering plants to consider include:

  • Oregon fir
  • Western rosebud
  • Coast sunflower
  • African flag
  • Belladonna lily
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Pacific rhododendron
  • Caterpillar flower

Central California

With climate and weather conditions comparable to northern areas of the state, the same precautions for selecting plants apply here.

Some additional plants that will thrive in this environment include:

  • California plane tree
  • California poppy
  • California buckthorn

Southern California

Featuring significantly less rainfall than the northern portions of the state, this region boasts larger sections of dry, desert terrain, and local ordinances strictly enforce watering limits.

Selecting local plants already attuned to the region’s climates are your best bet for effective landscaping. Some possibilities include:

  • Scarlet larkspur
  • Fireweed
  • Pacific dogwood
  • Junegrass
  • California fescue

Of course, all of these regions are capable of supporting many additional plant species, so be sure to consult a local gardening guide for further ideas.

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