Fencing For Your Business

If we said “curb appeal”, you’d likely think of how a house appears at first glance when you’re browsing for a new one. The way a home is designed and maintained says a lot about who lives there. The same is true for businesses, but that is often forgotten. Specifically, you can make a first impression with customers and neighbors in your choice of fencing. As experts in durable, well-styled vinyl fencing, we have some tips for how a new or upgraded fence can help your business succeed.

The first question you should be asking is: ”What is the goal of your fence?” Is it to enhance the appearance of the property, or to provide a measure of security or protection to your property? For a clear, friendly property boundary that that enhances the curb appeal of your your business, a picket fence would be a good choice.

Alternately, for a rural setting, a horse fence would be well suited. To maintain openness and a customer friendly appearance, try not to go for too much seclusion and allow openness in the fence style to those who pass by.

If the goal of the fence is for privacy you should consider a privacy fence, maybe a Weatherables Savannah model. If you’re the owner of a business where children are the focus, it’s very important to provide a friendly appearance while having well defined, secure entrances and exits. You may consider a semi-privacy fence for the benefit of maintaining an open, fun area while still providing privacy so kids can play while not feeling isolated.

For busier settings where you don’t want to disturb nearby homes & businesses visually or with noise, a privacy fence is for you. If your business, maybe a hotel or local park, has a pool, a fence is an absolute must. We have a range of styles to choose from.

If you want your fence to help your business stand out in the most unique way possible, consider a custom fence. We can provide custom multi-tone panels and modified designs that will match how special your organization is. Architecture and landscaping are about creating a sense of place and that’s what we want to do for you. For this and other questions, contact one of our representatives today to come up with a plan.


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