Finishing Touch: The Best Way to “Cap” Your Fence Project

Post caps may not be the first thing you think of when you plan your fencing or railing project, but they have the potential to make a huge impact. Maybe you’ve already selected and installed your new fence or railing panels, but you want to add a little bit more flare to it. “What could I possibly change?” you may ask. The answer is actually the small cap at the end of your post. Don’t think that’s a big change? Count how many posts you have and you’ll see it’s a potentially transformative element.

The range of options for a traditional post cap runs from regular square caps, to more elaborate layered styles , to advanced shapes like a Horse Head or The Coachman . You can order special post caps when you buy your new fencing or railing, but we often find it’s a way for people with existing fences or railing to refresh the look of their property and probably impress the neighbors! These additions will stand out each day, but what about when the sun goes down? Did you know that you can make your fencing or railing stand out for 24 hours per day?

It’s true! Solar and Low Voltage LED Post Caps allow you to illuminate your posts and make your fencing or railing pop in the darkness. The beautiful glow is really something that will change the whole feel of your home. Imagine enjoying a deck on a nice night with the soft glow of one of these lights on your vinyl railing or the aluminum railing around your patio. They’re relatively simple to install and you will see the change immediately, like turning on a light switch! These lights could even be paired with accent lights on the ground or nearby to create the most dramatic contrast.

If this gave you ideas for your home project, there are plenty of ways to add the caps in unique ways. Alternating the posts, every post, or maybe just on the corners and midpoints. It’s truly up to you! The caps are something beyond what you normally receive in an order, but a little way goes a long way towards enjoying your fencing or railing for years to come!


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