Superior Quality Vinyl

Davenport Semi-Privacy Fence

At Weatherables, we understand that when shopping for vinyl fence, vinyl railing or vinyl outdoor products value is a top priority and we are committed to providing only the highest quality products that are guaranteed to last.   All of our vinyl fencing, railing and large vinyl outdoor products are made in America, by our own proud employees in our factory in Ohio.  We do not outsource overseas and are proud to keep American Jobs in America!  

We have 3 promises to our customers:

  1. We manufacture the most durable products in the USA
  2. We ship with accuracy
  3. We ship when promised (almost all vinyl fencing and vinyl railings ship within 3 business days)

No other company makes a higher quality product then Weatherables, and we can prove it with each vinyl extrusion we produce.   The materials that go into producing our vinyl are second to none and we follow strict ASTM standards, do not use any outside recycled fillers that could compromise the integrity of our vinyl extrusions and all of our vinyl is virgin vinyl, we use no outside materials.  

All of this really just means that our vinyl is up to 50% stronger than the competition- simply compare the thickness of our extrusions to any others on the market to see the difference. Our fencing, railing and large pergolas are engineered to be the best in the industry.  All of our vinyl privacy fence can be installed to withstand 130MPH wind loads, our vinyl railing is tested and certified, and our Bradenton vinyl pergolas can withstand 170MPH wind loads.

At Weatherables, we provide only superior quality products.  If it is not Weatherables, it’s simply not the best. If you have a question about pricing or our products, please let us know, we’re happy to have an open and honest conversation about what sets Weatherables apart. 


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