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Secondary (ADA) Railing

We offer a wide range of handrail accessories to assist in the installation of ADA handicap railings. They are designed specifically to satisfy secondary (ADA) handrail requirements that require a continuous 1-piece handrail for ADA applications. Be sure to check your local building codes before ordering as codes may vary by location.

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  • 104" Rail with Aluminum Stiffner
  • Handrail Bracket Kit
  • Straight Wall Return Kit
  • 90 Degree Wall Return Kit
  • 90 Degree Wall Return Kit (w/ Joiner)
  • Post Return
  • End Loop
  • Molded Joint Rings (sold in units of 4)
  • Bracket Wall Return Cover Plate (sold in units of 4)
  • 90 Degree Interior Corner Bracket
  • 90 Degree Exterior Corner
  • 90 Degree Exterior Corner (w/ Joiner)
  • Rail End Cap (4 molded rail end caps per bag for 1-1/2" OD Rail)
  • Aluminum Adjustable Joiner (set of 4)
  • Straight Joiner (set of 4)
  • External Adjustable Joiner with Male Ends
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