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Davenport Semi-Privacy Fence

The Davenport® features a unique visual screen for privacy but the design still allows for air flow. It is manufactured from alternating 3" and 1.5" pickets with a .7" spacing between pickets. Offered in White, Tan, and Khaki Colors and 5' and 6' heights.

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The Davenport® vinyl semi-privacy fence is a gorgeous addition to your yard. It pairs two different size pickets for a unique and functional design. Like all Weatherables fences, the Davenport is manufactured from the highest grade materials in the industry so your fence is sure to last for years to come. The low-maintenance and durable nature of this fence makes it the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

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Customer Reviews

Davenport Semi-Privacy Fence
  • Please With Product & Service Review by Tom / (Posted on August 11, 2015)
    I was a little miffed at first of how the order came. But once we were able to organize everything and get started I was very pleased how things turned out. Thanks for all the support along the way. Very pleased with your product and the service.
  • Review Review by Mark Jenkins, KY / (Posted on June 7, 2015)
    Love your products
  • Review Review by Anonymous / (Posted on May 10, 2015)
    [Sales Associate] was good, polite and responsive.
  • Review Review by Anonymous / (Posted on November 6, 2014)
    Trying to sell your product to my next store neighbor.
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Helpful Review by Anonymous / (Posted on October 13, 2014)
    Thank you for your help as I have ordered the different sections of my fence. Everyone I have spoken with has been knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. My fence is now complete and I love it!
  • Review Review by Richard McClure, NY / (Posted on July 29, 2014)
    You do an outstanding job, and your prices are very good. Thank you.
  • Review Review by Mark Jensen, WA / (Posted on December 25, 2013)
    Great product, great service, great experience.
  • Review Review by Alan Pfeil, CA / (Posted on August 2, 2013)
    I have gotten so many complements on my yard since putting in my new garden fence around my front lawn. it has changed how the front of the whole house looks!
  • Review Review by Jeff Tetrault, NY / (Posted on July 8, 2013)
    [Sales Associate] was great to deal with.
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