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Our vinyl planters are a perfect addition to your home and garden. Have the look of wood without the upkeep with our high-grade polyethylene raised garden planters. Our all season polyethylene provides long-lasting beauty, durability and quality.

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  • Cambridge Tall
  • Cape Cod 14"x14"
  • Cape Cod 16"x16"
  • Cape Cod 20"x20"
  • Cape Cod 24"x11"
  • Cape Cod Tall
  • Cardiff Planter Box
  • Fairfield 20"x20"
  • Fairfield 20"x36"
  • Fairfield Tall
  • Freeport 18"x18"
  • Lakeland 16"x16"
  • Lakeland 20"x20"
  • Nantucket 16"x16"
  • Nantucket Tall
  • Savannah 16"x16"
  • Wellington Tall
  • Windsor Box Long
Beauty and function that last a lifetime.