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Power Supplies - LED Plug and Play

Our Low Voltage LED Plug and Play Power Supplies (transformers) are plug and play and compatible with all of our low voltage LED post caps, LED Deck Lights, LED Stair Lights, and LED Rail Lights.  We have diffferent sizes depending on how many LED lights you are using.  A good rule of thumb, the 50 watt can typically handle 60 or more of our LED lights and the 12 watt can power 16 or more of our LED lights.  You simply add up the watts.

Plug and play wiring harness, no wires to cut!  It is as easy as plugging in the power supply and connecting with our LED Harness Connectors!


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  • 50 Watt Power Supply with Photo Eye, Timer & Remote
  • 12 Watt Power Supply with Photo Eye
  • 12 Watt Dimmer Switch
Beauty and function that last a lifetime.