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Fencing Specialists

Fencing Specialists

We share your fence-thusiasm

We know you know fencing. More important, we know you know that fencing is all about your clients’ needs. Whether you work with residential customers or commercial clients on fence and railing installation and repair, Weatherables® will help you deliver on your promise for quality products, great price and exceptional service. We want our products to make you look good and help you succeed.

Products you (and your clients) can rely on for the long haul

Weatherables uses the newest manufacturing technologies to ensure our products are the strongest on the market. That way, you can confidently purchase and install our fences and railing knowing they—and you—will outperform and outlast the competition. Using co-extrusion technology, we manufacture our vinyl products with two layers of top quality, 100% virgin materials. The outer layer contains a more concentrated amount of UV protection (tiPURE by Dupont). The inner layer utilizes CPE — the toughest impact modifiers in the industry. Our products are not only 20-50% stronger/thicker than the competition, they are also more durable. Weatherables uses a stabilizer (Thermolite) to prevent our products from looking chalky or grayed out over the years and a resin (Axiall 1091) that makes our extrusions impenetrable to rain and humidity.

Fast and accurate delivery

Weatherables will manufacture and deliver your products quickly and accurately. Depending on your order, your products will be ready in approximately 2-3 business days—the fastest turnaround in our industry. Before your order ships, we will quadruple check items for delivery against your order and take digital pictures of all products to ensure you get what you need. Depending on your location, you will receive your order in as few as 2-5 business days (please note that shipping times vary depending on the type of order). Throughout the ordering process, a product specialist assigned to you as part of our Preferred Professionals Program will answer your questions, place and ensure the accuracy of your order, and record all delivery details according to your specific needs. When you call back with your next order, your assigned product specialist will be familiar with your preferences and needs, and provide you exceptional, personalized service.

Installation made easy

We realize fence and railing installation is your business and expertise, so you may not need detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly and installation instructions, or video tutorials available on our website and Vimeo. But going above and beyond is what we do at Weatherables! We want you to have everything you need when you need it, including lifetime implementation support. Last but not least, we encourage you to review product specifications for additional information about the specific features that make our fences so easy to install and stable (e.g. some fences are pre-routed and notched, requiring no screws or brackets).    

Competitive wholesale pricing

As a preferred professional you will qualify for wholesale pricing on all of our products as well as low negotiated shipping rates on orders less than $3,000. Our prices include all components in fencing, railing and outdoor living kits so there are no surprises or additional per-item costs. And when your order totals more than $3,000, your shipping is free!

Weatherables also offers you greater discounts the more you buy. And since our products are already well-known and best sellers in the market, your profit is nothing short of guaranteed.


We are committed to ensuring you get the products you need when you need them. If you have any questions at any point, we are available to you Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm EST at 1-888-743-3673.

Beauty and function that last a lifetime.