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About Weatherables®

What makes Weatherables' vinyl fencing the best in the business?

We manufacture all of our vinyl fencing, vinyl railing, vinyl pergolas and vinyl gazebos using an exclusive engineered and tested process to make them the strongest and most durable products on the market. Only top quality 100% Virgin materials are used in our extrusions plus our vinyl fencing is typically at least 20% stronger in impact resistance then that of our next closest competitor! (Tensile Strength of 6600 PSI and an Impact resistance of 22.5 Ft. lbs/in). The thickness of vinyl profiles separates quality vinyl products from poor grade vinyl products. All of our vinyl privacy fence 6' and below can be installed to withstand 130MPH wind gusts. And our vinyl pergolas and vinyl gazebos can be installed to withstand wind gusts of 140MPH and 4' of snow. We have the engineer stamped documents to prove it.

Why buy vinyl railing from Weatherables?

To ensure our railings are the strongest in the industry, each and every product is certified and inspected before the kit is made. In addition, every item in our vinyl railing line is tested to meet IBC and IRC Codes. We’ve even had a third party strength test our railing to ensure we meet the IBC and IRC codes.

Plus all of our boxed railing kits are easy to ship and transport and come complete with all of the rails, pickets, aluminum insert(s), brackets, fasteners, and instructions you’ll need!

Weatherables is a member of the Better Business Bureau, why is that important?

Simple, Weatherables adheres to the standards of the Better Business Bureau ( and we have an A+ Rating. We will stand behind all of our products and you can buy with confidence knowing that we have a proven track-record of satisfied customers.

Can I really save money ordering my vinyl fence, vinyl railing, vinyl pergola, or vinyl gazebo online?

YES! You will be ordering quality product shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home or business. By purchasing from you will be saving the cost associated with distributors’ mark-ups and warehousing costs.

My neighbor is considering a fence as well. Can we save money if we place our orders at the same time?

Yes, by submitting your orders at the same time you can save money. Contact us for a quote!

Why do some companies sell 5" x 5" - .135" thick posts and Weatherables sells 5" x 5" .150" thick posts with concrete holes routed 12" from the bottom of the post?

The reason .135" thick posts are cheaper is because they use less vinyl and they are not as strong. Weatherables does not sell .135" thick posts because the thinner wall thickness of the discount fencing is more likely to sustain a crack or break upon normal impact.

In addition, Weatherables posts are manufactured with concrete holes routed 12” from the bottom of the post to allow the concrete to go into the post allowing for extra strength (concrete does not “adhere” to vinyl).

Advantages of Vinyl

Is the Vinyl American Made?

Weatherables uses only American made vinyl (right in the heart of Ohio). We stand behind all of our products and you can buy with confidence knowing that we have a proven track-record of satisfied customers.

A lot of overseas made vinyl is poor quality and has been known to be extruded with lead and poor UV protection. Some companies use extrusions made in China to keep the prices lower, but in most cases these extrusions are poorly made with not enough TI02 (sunscreen). Unfortunately you won’t see the negative effects for 2-5 years and by then the warranty has most likely expired.

Is vinyl more expensive then wood?

Actually our vinyl products are not more expensive then wood. Although your investment may be more initially, this is where your expense ends. Wooden fences (with proper care and upkeep) will need to be replaced 6 or 7 times and will still not meet the life of 1 vinyl fence. Any upfront cost difference is quickly eliminated once the substantial cost of maintenance and repair of a wood fence is considered. Vinyl is the most economical way to go, confidently saving you money year after year backed by our lifetime transferable warranty!

Will Weatherables’ vinyl fence yellow over time?

No. Weatherables vinyl products contain titanium dioxide from DuPont (tiPURE) – The best U.V. protection available (TIO²) and other chemical additives which prevent ultraviolet degradation.

How long will Weatherables vinyl fencing, vinyl railing, vinyl pergolas and vinyl gazebos last?

Our sections are engineered to last a lifetime. All of our fencing carries a Lifetime Residential Non-Prorated Warranty.

Can vinyl products break?

Our fence uses a high content of impact inhibitors which prevent breaking of properly installed fencing under normal use and conditions. Of course, dramatic and direct impact (such as being struck by a car) can cause damage, so it's good to know that when you buy from Weatherables- you are buying from a manufacturer - we can get you the replacement parts!

Can I install my vinyl fence, vinyl railing, vinyl pergola or vinyl gazebo myself?

If you can use a level, a tape measure, a post hole digger and a string line- and are willing to take the time to do the job right- you can do the job yourself. We’ll supply written instructions and has toll-free phone support! Weatherables also has video installation instructions.

Vinyl Horse Fencing VS. HDPE Horse Fencing - which is better?

Our Horse Fence is made from vinyl that is safe, environmentally sound and non-toxic. HDPE is a poor option when it comes to fencing as it tends to expand and contract and often bows (some rails bow up to 2" which can cause the rail to fall out, allowing horses to escape). Lastly, HDPE has fade issues over time, hence most warranties are only 20 years compared to our horse fencing that comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

Will vinyl products become brittle in cold weather?

While vinyl materials do become less flexible when it's cold, our products are designed to accommodate changes in temperature. The impact modifiers we use to prevent our fencing from breaking also allows our vinyl to withstand cold weather conditions.

Is vinyl safe for children and animals?

Yes! Vinyl has a smooth non-porous surface with no sharp edges or splinters. Your children and animals are actually safer when compared to wood fences. Vinyl has a tough surface that doesn’t retain moisture.

California's Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including: Vinyl Chloride, Styrene, Acrylonitrile, Titanium Dioxide, Nickel and Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  And Hexavalent Chromium, which is known in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, go to

Our Patented Technology

Weatherables uses the latest co-extrusion technology in the manufacturing of all of their products.  Can you tell me how this makes your products the best in the industry?

Using the newest co-extrusion technology, we manufacture our vinyl fencing and railing with two layers of top quality, 100% virgin materials. The outer layer contains a more concentrated amount of UV protection (tiPURE by Dupont). The inner layer utilizes CPE impact modifiers, the toughest impact modifiers in the industry. Our products are not only 20-50% stronger/thicker than the competition, they are also more durable. Weatherables uses a stabilizer (Thermolite) to prevent our products from looking chalky or grayed out over the years and a resin that makes our extrusions impenetrable to rain and humidity.

Weatherables uses co-extrusion technology - why is co-extrusion superior to mono extrusions?

Co-Extrusion technology is the more advanced technology; our product is made in two layers. Weatherables only uses top quality 100% virgin materials in our extrusions. The outer layer contains a more concentrated amount of UV protection – 10-12 parts per 100 of TI02/Titanium Dioxide. The inner layer utilizes TRUFORCE - impact modifiers which are the toughest acrylic modifiers in the industry. This is a key reason Weatherables consistently outperforms the competition in impact testing.

Mono-Extrusion is an older technology – the problem with mono extrusion is typically strength – you cannot utilize the same impact modifiers because those impact modifiers are different colors – so it is very difficult to have the same tensile strength as co-extrusion. If another company says they are mono-extruded, most likely, it is extruded in China.

At Weatherables we only use the newest technologies to ensure you have the strongest materials on the market.

Domestic vs Overseas Production:

Is Chinese vinyl fencing cheaper than vinyl fencing Made in the USA?

A competitor who markets their products as "Designed in the USA, Made in China" states that they had to manufacturer in China because it is too expensive to manufacture in the USA. From our experience, that just isn’t true. Chinese Vinyl Fence extruders/companies have for years tried to break into the US market, but they have 2 major issues: Quality and Price.

The quality of product coming from overseas has been noticeably poor in the last 10 years and from our experience, the pricing is not cheaper.  PVC is a commodity and an extruded product. As an extruded product, it is not labor intensive, so the cheap labor savings associated with overseas products is not realized when it comes to vinyl fencing. Don’t sacrifice quality for a few pennies. We’re proud that nobody can beat the quality and price of our Vinyl Fencing - Made in the USA.

Speaking of Chinese products - there are some vinyl fencing companies claiming they are digless vinyl fence systems - do they work?

From our experience, if you want a lifetime product and have confidence in the installation, we recommend digging the posts and using concrete around each post. If you are spending the time to install a lifetime product, don't you want to be 100% sure of the integrity of the fence? Be skeptical of someone telling you about a time savings using a digless systems. Any time savings is minimal if any. Most of these systems use a weaker "screw" connection from the rails into the posts.

We would recommend doing your research, and don't believe that the digless method is a faster same quality install as the normal installation. If the digless system was a quicker install with the same quality, EVERY professional fence company would use this method. The professionals know they want to do the job right the first time, and prevent call backs or customer issues. You cannot cut corners without compromising quality.

Outdoor Living

What is the difference between a Vinyl Pergola and Vinyl Patio Cover?

Nothing really, they are two different names for the same product.

How can Weatherables offer the best pricing and the best quality for vinyl pergolas?

Simple - we are the largest online Vinyl Fence Manufacturer, we can purchase better than the competition– which allows us to pass the savings on to you!

Why do you advertise the size of your Pergolas from the center post spacing and some of your competitors advertise their sizes based on the top dimensions and overhang?

All of our Vinyl Pergolas are quoted in actual size (center to center dimension of the posts)! We feel it is misleading to use the top dimension as your "Size".  If you receive a quote from a competitor with a better price, give us a call to ensure the quote you received is truly an “apples to apples” comparison to the product we quoted. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions and that would be happy to provide a fair and honest assessment of your quotes.

For Example: Our 16’ Width x 16’ Projection Freestanding Pergola size is the actual location of the posts center to center. The top dimension would actually be 19' 4.5" Width by 18' 6" Projection (The Bradenton™).

Do you have any Vinyl Pergolas that are tested for wind load and snow load?

The Bradenton™ Vinyl Pergola is independently tested from a third-party engineering firm. The Bradenton™ can be installed to withstand 140MPH wind loads (exposure ‘C’) and withstand 4 feet of snow loads. A raised seal engineering report is available upon request (cost is $50.00).

Are your Headers and Rafters structural?

All of our 2" x 8" headers are hollow with structural aluminum inserts in them. All of our rafters above 10’ long are hollow with structural aluminum inserts in them. Rafters 10’ and below use double ribbed extra strong 2” x 6” extrusions – structural aluminum is not needed in 10’ and lower Rafter Projections – but as always, we can customize anything you need!

Can you make custom sized pergolas?

We can make custom sizes, but most of our customers like the versatility of being able to cut down on site. For example, if you want a 16' Wide x 15' Projection Vinyl Pergola, you would typically purchase a standard 16' projection x 16' wide pergola and trim down to your custom size. It is easy and gives you the flexibility to make changes on site! However, if you prefer a custom size, just let us know and we’ll make it for you!

Is there a variation in the number of shade slats that come with different Pergolas?

Yes, the spacing of the slats and the size of the slats vary by manufacturer. Our Vinyl Pergolas use 3" wide slats that are 3" apart. If you would like a different size, we also stock 1.5" x 1.5" and 7/8" x 1.5" slats. We’ve found that the 3" wide slats provide adequate shade.

Does the price for the Vinyl Pergola's include everything?

Yes, we include everything! The only items you may need are concrete and/or a header board for attaching the pergola to a building.

Beauty and function that last a lifetime.