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How to Buy Pergolas

We at Weatherables, pride ourselves in providing outdoor living products that offer strength, style and convenience all at an affordable price. Our products are environmentally friendly with many ecological benefits.  Our structural vinyl pergolas are shpped in kitted form, ready to assemble on site.  Plus, all of our Vinyl Pergolas & Vinyl Gazebos can be installed in a day or less so you can start enjoying your new outdoor living space that evening!

    • Print this diagram to get familiar with the various parts needed to construct your pergola. The print shows our Bradenton™ vinyl pergola, but the terms are similar for The Weston™ single beam vinyl pergola.


    • Options to consider:

      • Is your Pergola Attached or Free Standing?

        Will the rafters be attached to a wall of your house or other building? If so, you will need to order an attached pergola. Our Free Standing pergolas are installed on concrete (or poured concrete footers) or in-ground around concrete.


      • Pergola Size and Style?

        We specify the size of our pergolas by center to center dimensions of the posts. Ours are defined by 2 numbers - the first number is the Width & the second number is the Projection (depth). (For example, a 16'x 12' pergola would be 16' wide by 12' deep). Please note, most companies include the lengths of the rafters and pergola end caps in the dimension - not USAVinyl! When comparing our products, you’ll want to consider the center to center of the post measurements. If you find a better offer on a comparable product, just let us know. We’ll beat any price for the same quality materials.

        To better understand the measurements used for our pergolas, CLICK HERE to view a sample diagram of our Bradenton™ double beam freestanding vinyl pergola.


      • How are your posts attached?

        It is very important to have a secure post attachment. Our garden pergolas can be installed either on a concrete slab or in the ground. If you install on concrete, your pergola will come with a concrete mount. If you are installing in the ground, your pergolas will come with longer posts to install in the ground. If you are installing on a deck or framing, you will want to purchase the inground model and make sure the posts are secure, consult a structural engineer if needed.


      • Lighting and other accessories?

        We encourage you to add lighting to your pergola. You’ll find it’s a great enhancement to your outdoor experience and will increase the functionality of your new pergola. It is best to think about lighting, ceiling fans and other accessories that will require wiring before installation since it is easier to run and hide the wires. We also have great solar lights and solar wedge lights. If there is a special accessories that you are interested in, just give us a call, we’re happy to help!


  • Installation. Typically, a screw gun and some other common tools are all that are needed for most installations. Most of our pergolas and gazebos are much easier to install with two people. Most parts are not very heavy, but they are long enough that having an extra set of hands will be very helpful. A simple illustrated step-by-step illustration guide is provided. Please call us with any other questions regarding pergolas for sale.

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