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How to Buy Railing

How to Buy Railing

We recognize that every project is unique, at At Weatherables®, we work with you to ensure you receive the right parts and materials for your specific project, and we don't take shortcuts. Below you'll find a step by step guide to determining the right railing materials for your project.  All vinyl and aluminum railing come ready to assemble, packed in individual boxes.  If you have any questions, give us a call, our railing experts are standing by to help.

Step 1: Print this diagram - you'll find this very useful as you proceed.

Step 2: Browse our website to select a style of railing.

Step 3: Measure off the space where the railing is to be installed.

Step 4: Use the schematic above to determine the number of panels and posts you will need.

Step 5: Place your order online. Select your posts, panels, gates and caps, and complete your order!

Need help? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Railing experts are standing by in our Ohio facility. Call us at 888-743-3673. We take the time to work with you by phone, and always inspect all orders before they ship to make sure you've ordered what you'll need to complete your project the right way.

  • Railing should be measured from the inside to inside dimension of your posts. Both vinyl and aluminum railing can be cut down on site to fit your custom opening.
  • Vinyl railing is available in the following sizes: 48", 72", 96" & 120".
  • Aluminum railing is available in the following sizes: 48.1875", 70.5", 97.25" & 119.5".
  • The sizes above are for straight railing, stair railing will vary depending on your rise/run.
  • Gates are available for our railing sections. They come 60" wide, but are marked to be cut down to 48" wide or 36" wide. Be sure to measure your gate (including the gate hardware) after it is assembled to get your inside to inside dimension (example - railing gate is 48" wide and you need 2" for your gate hardware - your dimension will be 50")

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