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Pool Fencing

A beautiful finish that always looks new and resists water and humidity.

Surround your patio, pool or lawn with one of our eye-catching fencing systems. These attractive designs add a sense of style to any landscape. While perfect around pools, our pool fencing also looks great in any area of your yard. Our vinyl finish features an exclusive manufacturing process that resists water, humidity and many chemicals. Our pool style gates include self-closing hinges and a lockable two-way latch. An optional pool safety latch — the Magna Latch — is also available. The bottom rail is reinforced with aluminum for added strength and durability.

Beautiful, Durable, Budget-Friendly Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl pool fencing is ideal for privacy, safety and adding a touch of class to your property. Select from a number of style options, heights and widths, picket sizes and spacing, and colors.

  • The Captiva™ Vinyl Fence – A popular option featuring 3” wide pickets, with 3.7” spacing between each picket.
  • The Neptune™ Vinyl Fence – The Neptune features a narrower 1.5” picket with the same 3.7” spacing between each picket.
  • The Atlantis™  Vinyl Fence – Utilizing the classic alternating picket design, the Atlantis features 3” and 1.5” pickets with 3.7” spacing between each picket.
  • The Crestview™ Vinyl Fence – This Crestview features the same specs as the Captiva™ but the spacing between pickets is a slimmer 1.7”.
  • The Williamsport™ Vinyl Fence – For a nice, streamlined look, the Williamsport is ideal with its 1.5” pickets and 1.7” between each picket.
  • The Hanover™ Vinyl Fence – The 3” wide pickets of the Hanover is similar to other models, but the .6” spacing between pickets really sets it apart.
  • The Sarasota™ Vinyl Fence – Another alternating style, the Sarasota comes with 1.5” and 3” pickets with a narrower 1.7” spacing between each picket.

 All of our pool fence styles are available in the following height and width sizes:

  • 5’ x 8’
  • 5’ x 6’
  • 4’ x 8’
  • 4’ x 6'

All of our fence panels are available in 8’ or 6' wide sections and may be cut down to a custom size on site. Plus, all of our high-grade vinyl fences include self-closing hinges and a latch that can be locked from both sides of the gate.

For extra stability, an aluminum insert is included in the bottom rail. In addition, some models (depending on style and heigh) come with a mid-rail, providing extra strength. Like most of our products, our vinyl pool fencing is offered in classic white, tan or khaki color options.


Beauty and function that last a lifetime.