Deck Safety: Is It Time For a Replacement?

Are you tired of looking at a deck that you know is in need of an upgrade? Don’t feel bad! You’re not alone. There are over 50 million decks in the United States and 50% are in need of repair or replacement, according to North American Deck & Railing Association. Like any other part of your house, your deck has a useful life and needs repair or replacement when that time unfortunately comes. When you do, it’s best to build or upgrade with safety in mind for your family.

The first question you should ask is: “What condition is my deck in right now?” Is it made from durable, strong material? How is it holding up? For wood decks, the most common issues are rotting wood and worn hardware. Rusted screws are another chronic issue. Failing hardware will lead to bending and splitting of the deck or instability. A little maintenance goes a long way!

If your deck railing is wood, it is likely showing signs of rot, weakness or loosening. If you find that your wood railing is in need of maintenance it’s better to do it now before it becomes an issue than wait until it does. Discovering that your old wood railing is beyond repair? Vinyl railing is the perfect alternative, it never rots and offers unmatched durability and strength.

Not only is it important to check that your deck is structurally sound, but is it code compliant? If your deck is old, chances are it may not be up to code. Is the height of top railing correct? Is the distance between the spindles up to code? The regulations vary by location, but if it doesn’t meet the minimum standards it needs replacing! Weatherables railings are designed with the industry recommended safety standards in mind, so our vinyl systems are worry-free. Not only that, kids or pets may be a factor in what railing style you choose. With unbeatable durability and designs engineered for safety, Weatherables railing is the perfect choice for your deck.

If you’re starting a new decking project, we know there’s a lot to consider. But with a Weatherables railing system, you can have peace of mind that you’ve installed the strongest, most durable railing in the industry. Once it’s installed, you’ll instantly wonder why you didn’t upgrade before.


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